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Italian citizenship brings rights and duties for the individual towards the Republic of Italy. Passport is not synonym of citizenship, but only one of the rights which descend from it. If you believe you may be eligible for Italian citizenship, please remember that, whilst knowledge of Italian language is not a prerequisite, full respect for Italy, its people and its constitutional values of democracy, tolerance and freedom is paramount.
Italian citizenship can be acquired by descent (at birth) or by grant.

If you think you may be eligible for Italian citizenship, you can lodge an application at the Consulate. Applications can only be lodged in person by booking an appointment with a Consular officer. Appointment for citizenship must be booked via email (; no appointments by phone or by our online booking system). Please click here to download the Verification of Italian Citizenship Eligibility Request Form.

During the appointment, a Consular officer will interview the applicant and provide him/her with a tailor-made list of documents required to process the application.

Please be aware that according to Italian Law no. 89 of 23 June 2014, from 8 July 2014 all Italian applications for Italian citizenship by descent are subject to a non-refundable “Citizenship fee”. This fee is waived where the applicant is below the age of 18.

The “Citizenship fee” must be paid at the first appointment, before the interview with the Consular officer and regardless of its outcome. For the current amount of the Citizenship fee please click here.

The “Citizenship fee” is required for each individual application. In case of multiple applications (i.e. family members claiming Citizenship from the same Italian ascendant), each single applicant is required to pay the “Citizenship fee”.

It is highly recommended to carefully read our Q&A regarding eligibility to Italian citizenship by descent before booking an appointment.

Pease note that we can accept applications by WA residents only.



Q: My Grandparents and/or my parents come from Italy. Am I eligible for Italian citizenship?
Western Australian citizens of Italian descent are also Italian citizens if they can prove that, at the moment of their birth, at least one of their parents were Italian.

Q: How do I know if my parents were Italian at the moment of my birth?
As a general advice, it is important to have your parents’ birth certificates and their Australian naturalization papers. In most cases these two documents can prove whether your parents were Italian on the date of your birth. If your parents were born in Australia or they arrived here at a very young age, it is necessary to have your grandparents’ naturalization papers in order to verify your eligibility. Please, note that Italian women who gave birth before 1948 could not pass the Italian citizenship on to their children.

Q: I was born in Italy (or elsewhere) of Italian parents. Does this make me an Italian citizen?
No, if you were naturalized in Australia before 16/08/1992.

Q: What documents do I need to prove that I am Italian?
Your birth certificate where your parents’ names are stated and your parents and/or grandparents’ birth certificates. If your parents and/or grandparents became Australian citizens you will also need their naturalization papers, which you can obtain from the National Archive of Australia.

Q: What should I do once I have collected the necessary documents?
Book an appointment by email with the Consulate of Italy in Perth if you are a resident of Western Australia and bring all your documents for a preliminary interview with a member of the Consular staff.

Q: What are the costs for citizenship applications?
Each application for citizenship by descent is subject to a fee of the equivalent in AUD dollars of Euro 300,00. In case of multiple applications (i.e. family members claiming Citizenship from the same Italian ascendant), each single applicant is required (of 18 years and above) to pay the “Citizenship fee”.



The spouse of an Italian citizen can apply for the grant of Italian citizenship, if residing outside Italy, after a minimum period of 3 years from the date of marriage, which is reduced to 18 months in case of children.

Please note that a Citizenship application by Marriage can be submitted only if the Marriage Certificate has been previously registered in Italy. For information on Marriage Registrations please click here.

Application can only be submitted online to the Italian Ministry of Internal Affairs through the Citizenship Website: HTTPS://CITTADINANZA.DLCI.INTERNO.IT

For more information please click here.



According to Italian law individuals born in Italy who automatically lost their Italian citizenship by acquiring citizenship of another country before August the 16th 1992 are eligible, under certain conditions, to reacquire Italian citizenship.

For more information please click here.



For more information on the acquisition, loss and re-acquisition of the Italian Citizenship please also visit the following web page:


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