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The Italian passport is an international recognized travel document. It is not renewable but it can be re-issued. In order to have it re-issued please book an appointment via our online booking system.

The re-issuing of the Italian passport can be requested before it expires (or after it is expired), in case of lost/stolen passport and in other specific circumstances (damaged passport; need of a passport with a longer validity). Please bring to the appointment: expired passport; valid ID (passport, driver’s license); 2 recent and identical passport photos 35 x 40mm (please check correct photo size in the “Forms” section of our website); original WA police report receipt (in case of lost/stolen passport).

If you have children under the age of 18 you also need to present a Consent Form signed by the other parent (if not present at the appointment) and certified by a Justice of the Peace. The Consent Form is available in the “Forms” section of our website and it is necessary both for the issuing of your own Passport as well as for the issuing of a Passport for any of your children under the age of 18.

The issuing of a new Passport is more rapid if you are registered in our AIRE (usually on the same day of the appointment); if you are not registered it may take up to 30 days after the appointment (because of the necessary authorizations required by relevant Authorities in Italy) .


Being an Italian citizen is a pre-requisite for the issuing of an Italian Passport. If you need to ascertain your eligibility to Italian citizenship, in order to apply for an Italian passport, you need to book a citizenship appointment by emailing to Before booking your appointment please check Italian citizenship requirements in the citizenship section of our web site.


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