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The Italian passport is a travel and identity document with a validity of 10 years. It can be issued only to Italian citizens by the Consulate where they reside and where they are registered in the A.I.R.E. (Registry of Italian Citizens Residing Abroad).

The Italian Consulate in Perth issues passports to Italian citizens residing in Western Australia and, only in case of necessity, to Italian nationals residing in Italy or in another Country but temporarily in Western Australia.

IMPORTANT! As of the 20th May 2010 electronic passports containing the fingerprints of the holder are issued according to a new security procedure adopted by all EU member countries. It is compulsory to obtain an authorization from the relevant Authorities in Italy for the issue of all passports to Italian citizens. The acquisition of such authorization may require a waiting period from 1 day up to 30 days, depending on whether the applicant resides in Italy or abroad.
Issue of a new passport. 

Please book an appointment at the Consulate to apply for the issuing of a new passport.

If you are not registered in our Consular Registry, the Consulate will have to request the necessary clearance from the Authorities in Italy. This can take up to 30 working days.

required for the issue of the passport:

- the previous Italian passport or, if the applicant does not have a previous Italian passport, another form of photo- I.D (driver’s licence and current foreign passport); 

- two recent and identical passport photos 35 x 40mm (please click here for correct size);

- Australian resident visa if issued after 16.8.1992 or “Certificate of Evidence of Resident Status” (issued by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship - D.I.A.C.) if the applicant does not hold Australian citizenship as well. Otherwise the applicant must show his/her Australian passport too, together with the certificate of naturalization;

- consent form of the other parent of children under the age of 18. Italian law requires that applicants who have children under the age of 18 need the written consent of the other parent of those children. The consent form may be signed in person at the Consulate upon presentation of a photo-I.D. or before a Justice of the Peace in Western Australia. The parent signing the consent must also supply a photocopy of his/her photo-I.D. Consent forms can be downloaded from this website or can be obtained at the Offices of the Consulate;

- payment of a fee in cash and in Australian dollar. Tax on the passport is valid for one year only and must be renewed every year after the that of its issue.

Please note that when a passport application is lodged, the Consulate checks whether all the records concerning the applicant and his/her family are up-to-date with regards to their address, marital status (marriage, divorce), children’s births etc. If necessary, the Consulate will request that the applicant submit additional documents in order to obtain the passport.

Passports issued before 20.05.2010 remain valid until their expiry date. From 26 June 2012 all children registered on their parents' passport, must have a passport (see below "Minor children").

Denial of consent

If you have minor children and you are unable to obtain the required consent from the other parent of the children, you must attend the Offices of the Consulate in person with a letter explaining the reasons for which the other parent refuses to sign the consent. This letter must give the complete name, address and telephone numbers of the non-consenting parent.

If the motives for the dissent are found to be unjustified, the Consul can give authorization by special decree for the issue/denial of a passport.

Minor children (under the age of 18) 

As of 25 November 2009 it is no longer possible to include minors in their parents’ passports. Children under 18 therefore need an individual passport, with differentiated validity according to the minor’s age (from birth to 3 years of age – 3 years of validity; between 3 and 18 years of age: 5 years of validity).

The requirements for the issue of a minor’s passport are as follows:

- if the minor is 12 years old or over, he/she must attend the Consulate in person, accompanied by both parents who must hold photo-IDs, for the acquisition of fingerprinting,

- if the minor was born in Australia, and the birth certificate has never been lodged with the Consulate, you must provide the child’s full birth certificate, issued by the Registry of Births Deaths and Marriages, and legalized by means of an "Apostille".* The certificate must also be translated into Italian by an accredited "NAATI translator".** (The original birth certificate and its translation will be sent to Italy for registration and will not be returned);

- the minor’s Australian passport (if the minor is also an Australian citizen); 

- two recent identical photos of the minor, 35 x 40mm in size, with a white background (frontal view, including shoulders, and in colour).

The cost for the issue of a passport to a minor is of Euro 82.79, payable in cash or Australia Post Money Order ONLY. Fees in Australian Dollars change every three months subject to the exchange rate between the Euro and the Australian dollar.

Furthermore, children under the age of 14 not travelling with their parents/guardians, must be entrusted to a third party in order to travel. A declaration to this effect must be signed by their parents/guardians at the Consulate prior to travel.

Theft or loss (WA residents only)

If you are registered with this Consulate in A.I.R.E. (Registry of Italian Citizens Residing Abroad) and if you have been a victim of theft or if you have lost your passport, you must attend the office of this Consulate with the following documents:

- original of police report regarding the theft or loss with original stamp and signature;

- another form of valid and current photo-I.D.; 

- two recent identical photos, 35 x 40mm in size, with a white background (frontal view, including shoulders, and in colour).

The fee for the replacement of the passport is of Euro 82.79. The cost for the issue of a passport is payable in cash or Australia Post Money Order ONLY. Fees in Australian dollar change every three months subject to the exchange rate between the Euro and the Australian dollar.

Theft or loss (Non-residents in WA)

If a person not residing in the State of Western Australia suffers the theft or loss of his/her passport, the Consulate is unable to issue a replacement passport without the written authorization (nulla-osta) from the issuing authority or from the competent Authority in that person’s Country of residence.

Damaged Passports

In the event that a valid passport is damaged or deteriorated, the holder is required to attend the Consulate with the damaged passport and the documents as required for the issue of a new passport. The cost is the same as that of a new passport.

*The Apostille is issued by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade located at Lv 17, Exchange Plaza, Sherwood Court, Perth – tel: 9231 4464.

** A list of NAATI translators can be downloaded from this website or can be obtained at the Offices of the Consulate.


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